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Certified Company ISO 9001-2008


We, at CEAD, always strive to work according International Safety Standards. Our number one priority is to implement the highest safety standards at all times.

We acknowledge that Safety does not occur by chance but is the result of paying careful attention to the smallest of details, while operating in an environment that is organized, ordered, and appropriate.

Safety in the work place and Safety in general is the responsibility of everyone concerned, whether they are directly or indirectly involved. Further, it is the responsibility of our employees at all levels to work diligently at executing the Company’s Safety Policy by promoting safety and occupational health consciousness.

Concern for the safety of the general public, all our Employees, the Employees of our Clients, and all other contractors is a serious and solemn responsibility of all levels of our Organization.

We will continually strive to ensure that our actions and activities, whether collectively or individually, never cause any Human or Environmental Damage.

All accidents, minor or otherwise, have the potential to cause physical and mental suffering to those directly and indirectly involved thus the prevention of an accident, injury and illness is a goal well worth achieving.

The success of CEAD’s Safety Program depends on the efforts, input and commitment of each and every member of the CEAD Team.


We, at CEAD, are committed to consistently provide our Stakeholders and Customers, with high quality products.

We ensure that these high standards of professional excellence are maintained, through:

* Adherence to all relevant work standards and codes;
* The employment and development of well trained, competent and experienced personnel;
* Continuous improvement regarding, assessment, equipment and implementation within our field;

CEAD GROUP’s Management will ensure that its quality policy is adhered to by all employees and known within and outside the company. An evaluation of the written Policy’s effectiveness and suitability will annually take place by the Board and Management.

To accomplish the above mentioned Policy objective, the following shall be taken into account:

* Good governance;
* All relevant functions and levels within the organization will work as is documented in the relevant procedures and work instructions (manuals);
* Accurately identifies and satisfies the requirements of its Customers;
* Continuous improvement regarding HSE;
* Compliance with regards to our Stakeholders and the requirements of our defined Quality Assurance System;
* Train employees as needed to maintain the quality of the products;
* Priority in management and employee commitment.



QUALITY ASSURANCE CEAD N.V Quality System is based on the requirements of the ISO 9001 Certification.

CEAD N.V views ISO 9001 Certification as an ideal means of enabling the Company to effectively sustain its new Quality System and to provide a platform for Continuous Improvement for the benefit of its Customers and itself.

The System, Policies and Procedures being implemented by CEAD N.V. are to ensure that the Company continues to provide its Customers with services of a high standard, reliability and economy.